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Ernie Villanueva started his phenomenal journey in 1969.

He spent seven years with Kirby as a Dealer, Field Counselor, Dealer Power Specialist and as an Area Distributor.

From there his journey of success took him into the world of motivational speaking, taking him literally around the world with a message of INSPIRATION, Motivation, Potential and Hope.

Listening to Ernie Villanueva's dynamic presentations has been described as intoxicating, energizing, and electrifying. His delivery is passionate and sincere.

His message is designed to awaken his audiences to the vast possibilities that are in store for those willing to use the power of change by simply changing the choices they make in life.

Ernie Villanueva presents a unique insight into the subjects of recognizing, developing, and maximizing the potential lying within an individual, a small company, or a large corporation. He is equally at home in the boardroom of one of America's top organizations or in a leper colony ministering hope to those in the midst of desperate conditions.

From the mansions of some of the wealthiest in Europe - to the schoolrooms of America - to maximum security prisons, he brings a word of hope for those who are dealing with a difficult past as well as a vision for creating a bright, success-filled future. He has been described as sincere, passionate, and enthusiastic about the convictions he holds. He is sure to touch your heart deeply and offer inspiration to carry you to new heights of achievement.

His intoxication, energizing, electrifying presentations are filled with proven methods to increase productivity and accomplishment. He formed Inspiration as a company to bring a message of hope and a new spark to people everywhere. He now travels around the world speaking on the subjects of attitude development, leadership training, motivation and salesmanship.

For over 38 years, Ernie has highlighted conventions, seminars, and workshops in the US, Europe, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Canada. If you have not seen or heard Ernie Villanueva, one of the brightest stars in the corporate training business, you are in for a real treat!

"...maximizing the potential lying within."
"...a message of hope and a new spark to people everywhere."
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